Plot night

Off for fireworks and a mini bonfire at my parent’s tonight, can’t wait to see my brother, sister in law and my lovely little niece! I’ve got pork pies and mushy peas to heat up and I’ve made some salted caramel for a treat afterwards 😊

Guns Akimbo

This was much better than I was expecting. I have grown to dislike Daniel Radcliffe’s acting over the years but in the film he is completely different, he really lets his hair down and goes for it. The movie is funny, not too gory, gripping and kept me entertained all the way through.

COVID Vaccination

I managed to bring my second vaccination forward by three weeks today, really pleased! I want to get it over and done with as we are already seeing people who are fully jabbed get more freedoms etc from those who haven’t, so roll on the 23rd please!

Saturday working

Worked today for a change this week. It’s been a long time since I worked on a Saturday last. I don’t mind when it’s productive and today was just that! We got half of one product checked and packed, 112 pieces of another ready for the customer and the new shower installation started. A good […]

Going out

We’re off out tonight for a few drinks and a meal at a local Italian with my parents which should be nice. Both the pub and the restaurant are independents which is alway my preference 😊

July 2021 Staycation

I’m really looking forward to getting away up to the Lakes next month. We’ll be camping again, probably near Keswick again like last time and doing plenty of walking, maybe even try striding edge again!

Travel Right Now

I’m really not sure how anyone can even consider booking a holiday at the moment. I’m not talking about those who need to see loved ones they haven’t seen for over a year, I’m talking about a holiday. Why not take a holiday in the UK? There’s loads to do! I just couldn’t book a […]

Lazy weekends

Do you ever get the feeling when you’ve had such a long week that you just want to do nothing at the weekend. But when the end of the weekend comes you feel incredibly bad for doing nothing – happens to me all the time. I need to find a hobby 😅


I really can’t wait for the day when we move house and have our own garden. I have so many plans! At the moment we have a flat with a balcony but when I’m out there it just feels like I’m being watched by everyone else, you know what I mean! One of the things […]

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